Educational background

Ph.D. (Social Science), University of Tsukuba

Key words for education

Social Innovation, Community development, Social issues

Sample courses

Innovation and Entrepreneurships, Service Learning

Features of my courses

I conduct various courses and oversee fieldwork related to social innovation, international development, social entrepreneurships, and community support/research. If you have any ideas for research or practical learning activities, please feel welcome to consult me.

Key words for research

Social Innovation, Well-being, Community study, Multi-sectoral collaboration, Japanese Studies, Asian societies

Key publications and conference presentations

  • Aoo, K. (2019). Social Innovation Scaling Process in East Asia: Bridging the gaps between stakeholders. Okayama: University Education Press.
  • Aoo, K., Abe, N., and Kano, M. (2019). “To Be Supported, or Not to Be: Images of older people in policy and the reality in local communities in Japan”, Frontiers in Sociology. 4(16).
  • Aoo, K. (2019). “Social Innovation in Japan: De facto social innovation and its limitations”, Atlas of Social Innovation –2nd Volume, 115-117, Dortmund: Sozialforschungsstelle.
  • Aoo, K. (2017). Aging Society in Japan: A process of social innovation and the roles of civil society, Korean NPO Review. 16(2), pp. 67-85.

What I like about Discovery

The best thing about learning in the Discovery is the freedom to choose what you learn. For some of us it may be a painful process, but please talk to your fellow students and faculty if you feel uncertain. We are a small and intimate program, and someone –myself included – will be more than happy to help you.