Andrea Tan Geok Poh

Educational background

Bangor University (UK), Ph.D. in Education

Key words for education

English language education, Second language learning, Foreign language learning

Sample courses

Intermediate English at University, English Seminar

Features of my courses

One feature of my courses is that students are asked to apply the knowledge covered in the course to various tasks. Another feature is that students are encouraged to do research to improve the quality of their writing and discussions in most of my courses.

Key words for research

English language education, Second language learning, Bilingualism, Education of foreign children, Special educational needs

Key publications and conference presentations


Conference presentations

  • Tan, A. (2018, Nov. 24). Teaching Language Learners with Special Needs [Oral presentation]. Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) International Conference: Diversity and Inclusion, Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center, Shizuoka, Japan.
  • Tan, A. (2019, May 18). Japanese Students’ Perspectives on Bilingualism [Oral presentation]. PanSIG 2019, Konan University, Nishinomiya Campus (CUBE), Japan.
  • Tan, A. (2020, Feb. 23). Examining challenges and implications for writing instruction through a multi-disciplinary EMI program in Japan [Oral presentation]. Twelfth Symposium on Writing Centers in Asia, Osaka University, Suita Campus, Japan.

What I like about Discovery

I like the diversity in backgrounds of students in Discovery. I think it can be very stimulating for students and teachers! Students can bring their different perspectives and experiences into discussions. I think it is a really good chance to develop intercultural awareness and communication skills, especially if students forge friendships beyond the classroom.