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Eligibility and Selection Process 2021

Eligibility and Selection Process

An applicant must:

● Be a national of an ASEAN country (Note: Japanese citizens with dual nationality are not eligible).
● Have been born on or after April 2, 1997.
● Not currently be enrolled in other universities in Japan as an international student.
● Not enroll in other universities in Japan as an international student, starting from October, 2022.
● Not have received a scholarship from the Japanese government previously.
● Not receive other scholarships from the Japanese government, starting from October, 2022.
● Have passed the B2 CEFR level in English or the N2 JLPT level in Japanese.
● Have the willingness to contribute to promoting mutual understanding and friendly relations between Japan and the applicant’s country during university and after graduation.

Selection Process
Those who want to be considered for the MEXT full scholarship should first apply to the Discovery Program through the international admissions system. Nominees for this scholarship will be selected from applicants who are successfully admitted to GDP for October 2022 admission.

1. Apply to the Discovery Program via International Admissions

Important Dates Process for October 2022 Admission
December 1, 2021 – January 21, 2022 Application period
February 21, 2022 Results of first screening announced
March 12, 2022 Interview
March 21, 2022 Results of accepted applicants announced

2. Internal Screening for Nomination to MEXT
GDP will select nominees for the MEXT full scholarship from among accepted applicants who are nationals of ASEAN countries, and contact them to ask if they would like to be nominated as scholarship recipients. Eligible students will be contacted by the Selection Committee with further details about the internal screening process and required documents.

Tentative Schedule Process for Nomination
March, 2022 Results of successful GDP applicants announced, recruitment of eligible students the MEXT scholarship
April, 2022 Selection Committee reviews application documents, conducts interviews, and selects four nominees
May, 2022 Nominees submit required documents to GDP;
GDP recommends four nominees to MEXT
August, 2022 MEXT notifies Okayama University of the result, GDP notifies the nominees