Daily Life

Affordable living costs

  Monthly costs in JPY
Food 30,000
Housing 23,000
Utilities 15,000
Books and supplies 4,000
Personal Wi-Fi/data 5,000
Others 10,000

Okayama has great facilities, for a fraction of the price it would cost to be a student in Tokyo or Osaka. It’s a great option for students who want to study in Japan.
Okayama ranks sixth nationwide among Japanese cities for affordable housing. There are numerous apartments around campus that are available just for students. Shops and restaurant owners tailor their menus to student needs. This is a city built for students.

You can go anywhere on your bicycle!

Okayama City is flat, and the university is so close to downtown that you can go a whole school year using nothing but your bicycle and your own two feet. For those without their own bicycle, the city has a convenient urban bicycle rental service. With a user card, you can pick up a bicycle in many locations, including Okayama University campuses, and drop it off in many locations around the city.

Cheaper, healthier food

Okayama prefecture is a major producer of fruits and vegetables, and safe, natural local food is available in abundance. Several organic food shops and supermarkets are near the main campus, including a store selling the produce from the university’s own Faculty of Agriculture. The cafeterias in the university’s union buildings provide students with affordable, healthy choices, and are open even on weekends.