BULIN Aubra (Educational Leadership)

Educational background

Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Dallas Baptist University

Key words for education

English for Academic Purposes, Advanced Reading, Advanced Writing, Applied Research, Research Methods, Educational Research, Leadership

Sample courses

Advanced English Skills for Discovery Students, Educational Research, Applied Research

Features of my courses

Many in-class activities, group work, and discussions.

Key words for research

Leadership and SDGs, Faculty Professional Development, Online Education, Adult Learning, Differentiation of Instruction Online, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and Mentoring

Key publications and conference presentations


  • Bulin, A. (2019). Analyzing Faculty Learning Styles and Learning Choices in an Online Environment for Faculty Professional Development. (Doctoral Dissertation). Dallas Baptist University. Dallas, Texas, USA.

Journal Publications

  • Bulin, A. (2022). “Design Thinking in the PBL Classroom to Address Community Needs.” Institute for Education and Student Services General Education Department Research Bulletin, 岡山大学全学教育 ・ 学生支援機構教育研究紀要第6号 (2021) 120 - 128

  • Ishida, M., Yoshikawa, M., Cowie, N., & Bulin, A. (2020). “Faculty Development in the Time of COVID-19: Four Narrative Perspectives.” Institute for Education and Student Services General Education Department Research Bulletin, 岡山大学全学教 育・学生支援機構教育研究紀要第 (5), 105-120
  • Guest Editor (2021). Educational Development in the Time of Crises, a special issue of To Improve the Academy. 39(3), Spring 2021. POD Network. https://www.toimprovetheacademy.org/

Other publications

Conference presentations

  • Aubra Bulin. September 2021, “Linking PBL to Community Needs”. Poster Presentation. Momotaro Faculty Development Annual Forum. Okayama University, Okayama, Japan.

  • Aubra Bulin. July 2021, “Leadership Today.” Okayama University, Shikata Campus Faculty Workshop Presentation. Okayama, Japan.

  • Aubra Bulin. May 2021, “Introduction to Online Education.” Presented as part of the Instructional Strategies for Online Classes Faculty Workshop Series by the Center for Teaching Excellence. Okayama University. Okayama, Japan.

What I like about Discovery

I love the students in the Discovery program. Their unique perspectives and cultures really remind me that the world is a great place with a bright future.