OSAWA Kimiko (Political Science)

Educational background

University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D. (Political Science)

Keywords for education

Japanese Politics, Gender and Politics, Comparative Politics

Sample courses

Introduction to Politics, Gender and Politics

Features of my courses

In Introduction to Politics, I teach basic concepts and theories of political science based on textbooks. In Gender and Politics, I use theoretical and empirical studies that examine interactions between gender and politics. In any course I teach, I encourage students to empirically analyze real-world cases and think about normative questions.

Key words for research

Gender and Politics, Political Representation, Political Activism

Key publications and conference presentations

  • Kimiko Osawa. 2019. “The ‘Silent Majority’ Speaks Out.” In Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan, ed. Gill Steel. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press: 121-134.
  • Kimiko Osawa and Jiso Yoon. 2019. “Who Represents Women and Why in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.” Asian Journal of Women’s Studies 25 (3): 437-458.
  • 大澤貴美子. 2019「女性の『過少代表』問題をどう捉えるか―ジェンダーの視点から」『都市問題』第110巻第1号:44-53.
  • 大澤貴美子. 2019 「『政治分野における男女共同参画法』と参議院選挙」『 Voters 』No.49: 8-9.
  • Kimiko Osawa. 2015. “Traditional Gender Norms and Women’s Political Participation: How Conservative Women Engage in Political Activism in Japan.” Social Science Japan Journal, Vol. 18, Issue 1: 45-61.

What I like about Discovery

The greatest charm of the Discovery Program is that students from various areas of the world study together and contribute their experience and knowledge. In this process, they can experience a genuinely multicultural environment that includes not only joyous moments but also conflicts and difficulties. I also like the fact that the curriculum allows students to study multiple fields that can help them attain a wide range of knowledge and a broader worldview.