Okayama, Land of Sunshine

Number of days when precipitation is less than 1mm (normal value)

Rank Prefecture Days
1 Okayama 276.8
2 Yamanashi 273.8
3 Hyogo 271.6
4 Hiroshima 270.5
5 Wakayama 269
  Average 247.8


Over the last 30 years, on average, Okayama has enjoyed more sunshine than any other prefecture in Japan. When watching the national evening news, there often seems to be a magic barrier keeping rain away from the prefecture. Heavy rain and snow in the mountains to the north keep Okayama’s rivers full. It’s a near perfect situation to fully enjoy Japan’s beautiful four seasons.

Fruit Kingdom

Okayama is often called the Mediterranean of Japan because of its climate. Visitors are often surprised to find olive groves, peach trees and wineries throughout the southern area surrounding Okayama City. Residents are proud of their self-reliance when it comes to local farms. The high quality local rice makes Okayama a prime sake (rice wine) brewing region. Along with its famous white peaches and unique grape varieties, Okayama has a fertile highland with Jersey cows producing milk, cheese and yogurt, and a long coastline of the Seto Inland Sea, providing fresh fish, octopus and oysters.