MIYAGAWA Haruna (Sociology)

Educational background

Arizona State University, Ph.D. in Sociology

Key words for education

Sociology, Migration/Immigration, Gender, Research Methods

Sample courses

Global Sociology: Understanding Diversity, Introduction to Social Inquiry, Contemporary Migration in Global Perspective, History of Social Thought, Globalization and Development, Gender in Global Context, Ethnographic Fieldwork

Features of my courses

Sociology offers a lens to connect ourselves across time and space. What may seem at first to be a standalone phenomenon is always embedded in social context and influenced by various social forces from the past and the present. In all of my courses, stories are taken seriously. We read ethnographies, novels, and news reports, and share stories from our own fieldwork as well as everyday experiences. These stories are windows through which we connect ourselves to a wider world, and nurture our analytical ability while allowing us to be humble and daring at the same time.

Key words for research

Migration/Immigration, Family, Social Network, Higher education

Key publications and conference presentations

  • Fukui, Haruna M., and Cecilia Menjivar. 2015. “Bound by Inequality: The Social Capital of Older Asians and Latinos in Phoenix, Arizona.” Ethnography 16 (4): 416-37.
  • Glick, Jennifer E., Haruna M. Fukui, and Michael J. White. (2012). “Fueled by Expectations: Post-Secondary School Participation and Completion among Immigrants in the United States” in Handbook of US Immigration and Education edited by Elena L. Grigorenko. New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Miyagawa, Haruna. September 2018. “Revisiting ‘Diversity’ in Higher Education: A Case Study.” World Social Science Forum 2018. Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Fukui, Haruna M. May, 2017. “Reconstructing Trans-Local Communities through Intergenerational Ties.” CASCA/IUAES2017 Conference, Ottawa, Canada.

What I like about Discovery

By far, our students! GDP students are not only ambitious and hardworking, but they are also generous and creatively gifted. They come from various parts of the world, each carrying his/her unique experiences and interests, and continue to invigorate our community. Their inquiries could come from any and all directions, some expected, others totally unanticipated. Hence they always keep me on my toes! I must say this is certainly one of the many perks of being a faculty at GDP.