Discovery Program Open Campus

On the 10th and 11th of August, Okayama University Global Discovery Program held an Open Campus.  The event attracted about 350 participants, including high school students, their guardians, and teachers, not just from Okayama, but from all over Japan.

The Open Campus took place in two parts. During the first part of the event, the Program director introduced Discovery’s unique curriculum and admission process, after which members of staff were introduced and given the stage to present a mock lecture. Finally, two current students (one Japanese student and one international student) gave presentations in which they explained their timetables and spoke about their experience at Okayama University, allowing listeners to gain a more practical understanding of the Discovery Program.

In the second part of the event, visitors were given the opportunity to consult with professors and over 10 current students about questions related to the curriculum, the admission process, student life at Okayama University, etc.

The Global Discovery Program was founded in 2017. It is an international program where students from diverse backgrounds and cultures can learn together. Regardless of department or field of study, students are encouraged to create a study program uniquely suited to their interests and future goals so that they may become global citizens who play an active role in their communities.


Mock Lecture in English          Presentation by Current Students