Kibi-ji Cycling event to welcome new students to the Global Discovery Program

On 13th November 2021, the Global Discovery Program organized a “Kibi-ji cycling tour” to welcome new students. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, most orientation and welcome events have had to be canceled or postponed, however, this outdoor event was approved on the condition that all participants would take the necessary preventative measures against infection.

10 students, mostly first-years and Director Ueda, and Professors Nishita and Aoo from Faculty of Economics joined the ride. The group visited some historic places along the Kibi-ji Cycling Road, including Kibitsu-hiko Shrine, Tsukuri-yama Tomb, Bichu-Kokubunji Temple, and Kibitsu Shrine. All of them safely accomplished the 40km ride.

Participants shared that they enjoyed the tour, especially when there is limited opportunity to interact with fellow students and faculty under the COVID-19 Pandemic. They also enjoyed knowing more about the local culture and communities.

 Kibitsu Shrine precincts(Ginkgo was beautiful with autumn leaves)

 Kibi-ji Cycling Road(Mostly flat roads in the suburbs)

 Bitchū Kokubunji(Five-storied pagoda in the background)