Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The Discovery Program for Global Learners (a.k.a GDP) is a 4-year bachelor’s program that can be completed entirely in English.
The Program accepts students from all over the world to learn together.

If you are interested in us, or if you are considering applying for International Application or Discovery (Domestic) Application, please see the FAQ page.

・I’m a Japanese citizen but I am currently going to school in a foreign country. Can I apply through International Admissions?
・Who is required to submit English proficiency test scores? Which test scores should I submit?
・What are the minimum English Proficiency test scores necessary for admission?
・Is Japanese ability required?
・Should I submit SAT, ACT, EJU, or other standardized test scores?
・I am graduating from an IB school. Can I apply for the program without an IB Full Diploma?
・What is the difference between the Letter of Academic Evaluation and the Letter of Recommendation?

We are looking forward to your application!