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In October 2017, Okayama University launched the Discovery Program for Global Learners, a four-year Bachelor's program leading to a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science. The Discovery Program is an expanded version of the already existing "Matching Program", with an option of pursuing academic training in an English-medium curriculum, and a greater focus on nurturing students to develop the skills and sensibilities necessary to tackle the challenges of a globalized world. Each year, a mixture of students from Japan and abroad will join the program.

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The Discovery Program offers students great flexibility in building their own curriculum. Following intensive language training and liberal arts education in the first year, students choose from two basic "tracks" – a Japanese-based Open Track and an English-based Discovery Track – or some mixture of the two. In the Open Track, students primarily take courses offered in Japanese by existent departments within the University. In the Discovery Track, students can complete their Bachelor's degree by taking the Program's own English-medium courses.

Discovery Track courses are divided into three clusters:



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A cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary approach is the hallmark of our program. We challenge students to think outside the box by stepping across existent disciplinary and cultural boundaries. We encourage creative thinking through pedagogy that focuses on problem-solving skills, and promotes respect for differences through mutual learning and cooperation, rather than competition.

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We offer opportunities for hands-on experiences including internships, fieldwork and study-abroad programs. In the final year of the program, students demonstrate their ability to conduct independent research by completing a Senior Project.

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