Credit Recognition and Transfers

Courses Outside of the Discovery Program

Discovery students, whether pursuing their degree in the Discovery Track or the Matching Track, may enroll and earn credits for courses outside the Discovery Program if they meet certain conditions. See your advisors for more information.

Recognition of Credits based on External Language Proficiency Test Scores

Discover Program does not grant credits based on external language proficiency test scores.

Courses Outside of Okayama University

In some special circumstances (see below), credits received outside of Okayama University may be petitioned, and if approved, counted towards your graduation requirement (up to 60 credits).

  • University level credits earned prior to entering Okayama University
  • University credits earned during study abroad
  • Credits earned at other educational institutions with which Okayama University has a mutual relationship (e.g. University Consortium Okayama)

For more information, see Article 5 , Article 6 , and Article 7 of the “Bylaws Regarding Curriculum” of the Discovery Program Rules & Regulations.