Discovery Seminars & Academic English

Discovery Seminars (a.k.a. “D-Seminars”) (Required)

D-Seminars are some of the few courses all Discovery students are required to take. Here, you study with students who may come from very different backgrounds and have different academic interests. Taken in your first year, D-Seminars I and II are designed to nurture intercultural understanding and critical thinking skills. In the final year of your study, in D-Seminar III, you will reconnect with the members of your cohort, and share the knowledge and insight gained by studying in different disciplines. These courses form the foundational components of the Discovery Program, nurturing its core spirit, which includes appreciation for diversity and sustainability, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary sensibilities.

Academic English

The Discovery Program provides academic English classes specifically designed to equip you with the language ability and research skills necessary to complete coursework in English. These courses will help you develop both the language competence and intercultural communication skills needed to carry out internships, fieldworks, and Senior Projects in the third and fourth years. You will meet regularly with the English language advisor to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and to develop a personal study plan to suit your needs and goals.