Course Code

Each course offered by the Discovery Program is associated with a course code (e.g. DCOR 699). A course code begins with four letters. The first letter “D” stands for “Discovery.” The next three letters correspond to each cluster as follows:

  • COR: Core Courses (Discovery Seminars, Senior Project, etc.)
  • CUL: Cultural Diversity and Communities
  • SIE: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • SCI: Transdisciplinary Science for Global Sustainability

These letter codes are followed by 3-digit numbers.

  • 100s = Kyoyo courses
  • 200s = Senmon Kiso courses
  • 300s = Kihon courses
  • 400s = Kadai courses
  • 500s = Practicum courses
  • 600s = Senior Project & related courses

In course descriptions, prerequisites are indicated by course code.