Kyoyo (General Education) Courses

Kyoyo (General Education) courses are offered through the Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education. Most of the courses are offered in Japanese and require a high level of Japanese competency. However, there are also some courses offered in English through the Discovery Program, EPOK, G-Course and others.

Selecting and Registering for courses:

  1. Check the online syllabus search engine for courses (91: General Education)
    Syllabus Search Engine
  2. Sign up for courses on the lottery system
    Some (though not all) of the kyoyo courses require students to pre-register for the lottery to decide who is eligible for registration. Use the link below to sign up for lottery-based courses and to check your results.
    Web Lottery

    The lottery takes place during the following periods:
    ●Term 1 courses: late February ~ early March
    ●Term 2 and Summer Intensive courses: mid-May ~ late May
    ●Terms 3 & 4, Winter and Spring Intensive courses: late August ~ mid-September

    *For further details, see the Bulletin Boards located in General Education Building A-C, 1st Floor.
    **Courses with vacancies will be announced online.

  3. Register for courses using the Academic Affairs System
    Academic Affairs System
    NOTE: Okayama University students are divided into three groups according to their departmental affiliation in order to facilitate even distribution of students in Kyoyo courses. For this purpose, Discovery students are grouped with Life Science students (生命系 Seimei kei).