Multiple advisors will support you in different aspects of university life.

Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor aids you with matters pertaining to your program of study.

  • Discovery Faculty (other than mentors and matching advisor)


Your mentor is a faculty member who aids you with matters pertaining to university life. Your mentor is also your language advisor.

  • Eiko Ushida

Matching Advisor

If you wish to pursue the Matching Track, Matching Advisor will be there to advise you and coordinate with departments outside the Discovery Program.

  • Michinobu Mino

Departmental Advisor

Departmental Advisor is a faculty member of another department, who helps a Matching Track student in selecting courses in the department where he or she wishes to conduct his or her Senior Project.

  • Consult Matching Advisor for more information.

Senior Project Advisor

Senior Project Advisor supervises your Senior Project in the final year of your study.