Multiple advisors will support you in different aspects of university life.

Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor aids you with matters pertaining to your program of study.

  • Discovery Faculty (other than mentors and matching advisor)


Your mentor is a faculty member who aids you with matters pertaining to university life. Your mentor is also your language advisor.

  • Eiko Ushida (October Students)
  • Andrea Tan Geok Poh (April Students)

Matching Advisor

If you wish to pursue the Matching Track, Matching Advisor will be there to advise you and coordinate with departments outside the Discovery Program.

  • Michinobu Mino

Departmental Advisor

Departmental Advisor is a faculty member of another department, who helps a Matching Track student in selecting courses in the department where he or she wishes to conduct his or her Senior Project.

  • Consult Matching Advisor for more information.

Senior Project Advisor

Senior Project Advisor supervises your Senior Project in the final year of your study.