Course Load and Credit Cap

A course load is the number of credit hours you will enroll during one academic term (8 weeks). Consider your other commitments and extracurricular activities carefully to decide on the course load most appropriate for you.

At Okayama University, 1 credit corresponds to 45 hours of study time. The number of hours spent in class and outside the classroom will depend on the course type (see Table 3).

Table 3. Credit Calculation

  In-Class(hrs) Assignments,Preparation,and Reviews(hrs)
Lecture 15 30
Seminar 15-30 30-15
Laboratory work and
Practical Training
30-45 15-0

※The Senior Project does not follow this general rule. 10 credits are granted for the tasks necessary to complete a Senior Project.

Guideline for Deciding on a Course Load

Rule of Thumb: 1 credit corresponds to at least 6 hours of total study time per week
e.g. 1 credit (lecture) = (2 hours in class/week + 4 hours self-study time/week) x 7.5 weeks = 45 hours.

Examples of Weekly Workloads

  • 8 credits = 6 hours total study time per week/credit x 8 credits = 48 hours/week
  • 10 credits = 6 hours total study time per week/credit x 10 credits = 60 hours/week

REMEMBER: There are 24 hours per day, and you also have to eat and sleep!

Credit Cap

The maximum number of credits a student can register for is capped at 50 credits per year (4 terms). However, most advisors will recommend students to take less than 10 credits per term.

※For cap removal, consult Article 4 of the “Bylaws Regarding Curriculum” in the Discovery Program Rules & Regulations.