Kyoyo (General Education): introductory courses (including language courses)

教養教育(Kyoyo Kyoiku) “General Education” 

Kyoyo Kyoiku (a.k.a. “Kyoyo”), or “General Education” in Okayama University’s official terms, is a category of courses that are designed to expose students to a wide variety of fields. Discovery students are required to earn a designated number of credits from each subcategory.

導入教育 “Educational Orientation”

Required courses:

  • All Faculty Guidance (1 credit)
  • Discovery Guidance (1 credit)

知的理解 “Courses for Developing Intellectual Understanding”

Introductory courses in academic subjects.
Required: Minimum of 4 credits

実践知・感性 “Courses for Developing Practical Knowledge and Sensitivity”

Art and Practice courses

汎用的技能と健康 “Courses for Developing General Skills and Health”

Required course:

  • Introduction to Information Processing (1 credit)

言語 “Language Courses”

Language courses including Japanese language courses
Required: Minimum of 6 credits

高年次教養 “General Education Courses for Senior Undergraduate Students”

Advanced English Skills for Discovery Students

※Some of the Senmon Kiso courses offered outside Discovery are categorized as Kyoyo when taken by Discovery students. Credits earned in such courses can be applied toward Jiyu Sentaku (Elective) credits under Senmon Kyoiku.