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What is the Discovery Program for Global Learners?


The Discovery Program for Global Learners is a four-year undergraduate program that can be completed entirely in English. Alternatively, students with advanced Japanese proficiency can take courses in Japanese and even conduct their senior projects in Japanese. Intensive Japanese language courses are also offered to help students adapt to life in Okayama.


The Program offers courses from a wide range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Its open curriculum allows students to develop a personalized study program that combines courses from different disciplines and fits their academic interests and future goals.

First-year   Second-year~

GDP curriculum consists of General Education courses including foreign language, “Major” education including practicums, and senior projects. 


Students take required coursed such as Discovery Seminars I & II and core courses for each discipline offered in the Program. Discovery Seminars I & II provide students opportunities to learn and exercise critical academic skills and activities such as inter-cultural communications, team building, information literacy, and constructive criticism. Working closely with an academic advisor, students will decide whether they pursue Discovery Track or Matching Track by the end of the first year. 


Students develop an individual study program leading to a senior project on a topic of their choice. Students must demonstrate academic knowledge and strong critical thinking skills by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information and presenting their findings to their faculty and peers. Students who are sufficiently fluent in Japanese and meet prerequisites may also take courses offered by other faculties on campus. Students can also take practicum courses such as internships and laboratory work. All graduating seniors will present their senior projects in English in the last semester.

For more details, see Graduation Requirements and Course Descriptions

Discovery Track: Subjects you can study in English

Discovery Track is recommended for students who are interested in the interdisciplinary courses offered by the Discovery Program, are serious about pursuing their academic interests in English, and wish to complete their Senior Projects in English. To actively pursue a deep understanding of specialized fields, Discovery Track students are expected to read academic texts in English, analyze data and information, and share their opinions and arguments in English during class discussions. Students who are sufficiently fluent in Japanese and meet prerequisites may also take courses offered by other faculties on campus.

Cultural Diversity and Communities (Anthropology/ Sociology/ Political Science) Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Economics/ Management/ Philanthropic Studies) Transdisciplinary Sciences (Environmental Chemistry/Physical Chemistry/Solid State Physics)

Matching Track: Participating Faculties/ Department

Matching Track is recommended for students who wish to take courses taught in English but are also interested in academic fields offered by other faculties on campus. Students who are sufficiently fluent in Japanese and meet prerequisites may advance to the Matching Track and conduct their Senior Projects in Japanese under the guidance of the professors in their respective faculties. By taking courses offered by the Discovery Program and other faculties, students have even more opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary studies and cultivate a broader perspective.

Language training in Japanese and English

Japanese Language Program

The Department of Japanese Language at Okayama University offers seven levels of Japanese classes to help international students develop the language ability and skills they need. Students can select Japanese classes that suit their levels and goals. Discovery Program students who take coursework in Japanese and who wish to work in Japan may also take academic Japanese classes (academic Japanese, career Japanese) offered through the Discovery Program.

English Language Program

The Discovery Program offers English classes to help students develop the language ability and academic English skills needed to complete coursework in English. Students can receive advice on taking English classes that suit their levels. Discovery Program students may also take Advanced English classes offered through the Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education at Okayama University, subject to permission of the course instructors.