Grading System

The Grading System at the Discovery Program follows the standards of Okayama University

Letter Grade GP Point Grade Standards
A+ Refer to GP Calculations 90-100 Pass(credit(s) granted)
A 80-89
B 70-79
C 60-69
F 0 0-59 Fail(credit(s) not granted)
W N/A N/A Withdraw after registration
Certified N/A N/A 1)Credit(s) granted for courses taken prior to entering Okayama University
2)Credit(s) granted at other educational institutions that may be considered appropriate.
Pass N/A N/A Applies to courses offered Okayama University that are not suitable for assigning point grades,or courses in which credit(s) are granted for attainment of course goals.
Fail N/A N/A Failure to attain the goals in courses in which point grades are not assigned.

At Okayama University, Grade Point (GP) is calculated using the following equation:

  • GP = (Number Grade – 55) / 10

Similarly, GPA is calculated using the following equation:

  • GPA =(Sum of (GP × Credits for Each Course))/(Total Registered Credits)

NOTE: Your GPA is calculated based on the total number of credits for which you are REGISTERED. All grades including “F” will be counted towards your GPA, even though you will not earn the credits. Please plan and register for courses carefully so as not to overload your coursework.

NOTE: Some of the courses offered outside Discovery in two consecutive terms have strong continuity. For these courses, a student who receives a failing grade in the first course may be given an “H (Hold)” if he or she enrolls in the second course. If the student receives a passing grade in the second class, a “C” grade (60%) will be given for the first class.