GONG Yuanyuan

Educational background

Ph.D. (Management), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Key words for education

Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Leadership

Sample courses

Topics in Management(Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Negotiation)

Features of my courses

Lectures with discussions and group projects. Topics cover the theories and practices in management.

Key words for research

Employee turnover, emotion, cross-cultural adjustment, leadership, creativity, HRM system

Key publications and conference presentations

  • Chow, I. H. & Gong, Y. (2019).Challenging Job Demands and Performance: The Role of Learning Orientation. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 19(2), 61-73.
  • Gong, Y., (2019). Negative Emotions and Helping Behavior: the Moderating role of Negative Emotional Differentiation, Japan Society of Human Resource Management Annual Conference, Tokyo.
  • Gong, Y., Lim, Y., Liu, F., & Morishima, M. (2019). Do I settle when I have more? Linking Job Embeddedness and Voluntary Turnover from a Decision Making Perspective, Asia Academy of Management Meeting, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Gong. Y., Duan. J., & Hui, C. (2018). The Relationship between Authoritarian Leadership and Employee Voice: the Effect of Employee Integrity. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, America.
  • Gong, Y., Chow, I. H. & Ahlstrom, D. 2011. Cultural diversity in China: Dialect, job embeddedness, and turnover. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 28(2), 222-240.

What I like about Discovery

GDP is a place where you can enjoy the charms of the Japanese culture without feeling like a foreigner.