TANG Jian (物理化学)

Educational background

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), Graduate University for Advanced Studies

Key words for education

Physics, Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Sample courses

Modern Physics, Molecular Spectroscopy

Features of my courses

In the course of Modern Physics (Senmon-kiso), lectures are first presented and then various problems and quizzes are given for exercise, with some discussions followed up. In the course of Molecular Spectroscopy (Senmon-kadai), there are also experimental and computational practices besides lectures and exercises.

Key words for research

Molecular Spectroscopy, Vibration-Rotation Spectrum, Interstellar Molecule, Atmospheric Molecule

Key publications and conference presentations

  • “Quantum Solvation of Carbonyl Sulfide with Helium Atoms.” J. Tang, Y. Xu, A. R. W. McKellar, and W. Jager, Science 297, 2030-2033 (2002).
  • “Bridging the Gap between Small Clusters and Nanodroplets: Spectroscopic Study and Computer Simulation of Carbon Dioxide Solvated with Helium Atoms.” J. Tang, A. R. W. McKellar, F. Mezzacapo, and S. Moroni, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 145503 (2004).
  • “Theoretical and Experimental Study of Infrared Spectra of He2-CO2.” J. Tang and A. R. W. McKellar, X.-G. Wang, and T. Carrington, Can. J. Phys. 87, 417-423 (2009).
  • “Study of infrared emission spectroscopy for the B1Δg-A1Πu systems of C2.” W. Chen, K. Kawaguchi, P. F. Bernath, and J. Tang, J. Chem. Phys. 144, 064301 (2016).
  • “Detection of HF Toward PKS 1830-211, Search for Interstellar H2F+, and Laboratory Study of H2F+ and H2Cl+ Dissociative Recombination.” K. Kawaguchi, S. Muller, J. H. Black, T. Amano, F. Matsushima, R. Fujimori, Y. Okabayahsi, H. Nagahiro, Y. Miyamoto, and J. Tang, Astrophys. J. 822, 115-123 (2016).

What I like about Discovery

In the Global Discovery Program, you can balance your interests over natural and applied sciences and social sciences with much more flexible ways. By discovering your unique combination for the interdisciplinary courses, you may establish your adaptable characters for the future careers.