UDDIN Md Azhar (化学)

Educational background

Ph.D. (Chemistry), Tokyo Institute of Technology

Key words for education

Environmental Chemistry, Reaction Engineering, Biomass and bioenergy

Sample courses

Introduction to Catalytic Chemistry, Biomass and Bioenergy

Features of my courses

Introduction to Catalytic Chemistry
The course deals with chemical and physical phenomena that are important in heterogeneous catalysis. Among these are adsorptions and desorption of chemical species from solids, the chemical kinetics of surface reactions, and chemical equilibrium. The pore structure and surface properties of solid catalysts, their catalytic activity and selectivity, and methods for characterization of catalytic systems will be described.

Biomass and Bioenergy
This course introduces biomass fiber morphology, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin chemistry and their chemical analyses. It also covers biomass pretreatment/fractionation, enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose and the biochemical conversion of hydrolysate to ethanol or butanol. Bioenergy and bio products made from woody biomass will be emphasized.

Key words for research

Environmental Protection. Catalysis, Biomass Utilization

Key publications and conference presentations

  • “Effects of preparation method on the properties of cobalt supported β-zeolite catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis”, Manami Nakanishi, Md. AzharUddin, Yoshiei Kato, Yuta Nishina, Abdul Muaz Hapipi, Catalysis Today, Vol. 291, pp. 124-132, (2017) (refereed)
  • “Catalytic methanation of CO2 with NH3”, Md. Azhar Uddin, Yamato Honda, Yoshiei Kato, Katsuhiko Takagi, Catalysis Today, Vol. 291, pp. 24-28, (2017) (refereed)
  • “Mutual Effect of Steelmaking Slag Layer Depth and Diameter on Alkali Elution Rate in Open Channel Vessels with Straightened Seawater Flow”, Go Takeuchi, Hironori Tamaki, Md. Azhar Uddin, Yoshiei Kato, Eiji Kiso, Katsunori, Takahashi, Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, Vol. 3, pp 459-468, (2017) (refereed)
  • “Chlorine removal from incinerator bottom ash by superheated steam”, HirokiSuda, Md. Azhar Uddin, Yoshiei Kato, Fuel,Vol. 184, pp.753-760, (2016) (refereed)
  • “Fluid Mixing in Ladle of RH Degasser Induced by Down Flow”, Kota Yoshitomi, Misato Nagase, Md. Azhar Uddin, Yoshiei Kato, ISIJ International, Vol. 56, pp. 1119-1123, (2016) (refereed)

What I like about Discovery

The Discovery Program for Global Learners is based on collaboration and mutual learning between students who have diverse backgrounds, such as international students and returnee students who gather together from many countries of the world, and graduates of high schools in Japan. The program places emphasis on practical learning such as that experienced in internships and fieldwork. Students acquire specialized knowledge through taking courses that are suited to their future goals without the restraints of faculty or departmental divisions.