Kyoyo (General Education): introductory courses (including language courses)

教養教育 General Education

Kyoyo Kyoiku (a.k.a. “Kyoyo”) or General Education is a category of courses designed to expose students to various fields. Discovery students must earn a designated number of credits from each subcategory.

  • 導入教育 Course for Introductory Education

Discovery Guidance (1 credit) and All Faculty Guidance (1 credit)

  • 知的理解 Courses for Developing Intellectual Understanding

Introductory courses in academic subjects (minimum of 4 credits)

  • 実践知・感性 Courses for Developing Practical Knowledge and Sensitivity 

Art and Practice courses (elective)

  • 汎用的技能と健康 Courses for Developing General Skills and Health

Introduction to Information Processing (1 credit)

  • 言語 Language Courses 

Language courses including English and Japanese (minimum of 6 credits)

  • 高年次教養 General Education Courses for Senior Undergraduate Students (1 credit)

Kyoyo General Education Course List (2022)