DATAI Hisashi (Agriculture)

Educational background

Ph.D. (Agriculture), Okayama University

Keywords for education

Agricultural economics, Resource management, Econometrics

Sample courses

Resource management, Agricultural economics

Features of my courses

In my courses, I objectively explain issues related to food, rural areas, and agriculture according to various data and discuss the causes of these issues by referring to economic theories. I want students to grasp simple statistical analysis methods and recognize the enjoyment and necessity of data analysis.

Key words for research

Statistical and Econometric Analysis, Fieldwork

Key publications and conference presentations

  • Hisashi Datai, Abiyas, Hu Chisong, Akiko Higashiguchi1, Isao Yokomizo,The Current Status and Issues of the Yak Milk Supply Chain in Hongyuan County,Sichuan Province, China, Journal of Rural Problems 56(4),151–157(2020).

  • Hidemi Sakamoto, Hisashi Datai, Isao Yokomizo,The Factor Analysis and Issues of Soybean Yield at Community-based Farming Corporations in Mountain Areas,  Journal of Rural Problems 53(1),31–36(2017).

  • The State of the Rubber and Acacia Farmhouse in the Vietnam:A Case Study of Bing Duong Houng Binm, Hue, Japanese journal of farm management 54(3), 109-114, (2016).

  • Daisuke Tomita, Toyonobu Sato, Hisashi Datai,Consumers Evaluation of “Eco-livestock Products” Using BDF: A Case Study of Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, Journal of Rural Problems 51(3),167–172(2015).

What I like about Discovery

I think it is wonderful that students from many regions and countries are participating in this program. Another unique point of the program is that students can find their own topics of interest through lectures offered in various fields and build their own curriculum.